Benefits of Company when Employees choose to work from home
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The work culture that we see today is absolutely different from what it was even a decade ago. Today we are all well connected and mobile. For some it is not even necessary to go to the office premises everyday in order to execute their daily responsibilities. This has all become possible with the advent of the laptop and such other forms of mobile devices. It’s not just about the convenience of the employees anymore. Even organizations are encouraging the professionals to work from home if the kind of job that they are doing does not involve full time co ordination with a number of other team members.
By allowing professionals to work from home, companies can easily save on a lot of expenditures that they might have to otherwise incur for an employee working from their premises. Companies save on the travel expenditures, electricity bills, food coupons, beverage and snack facilities and many such miscellaneous expenses.
As the companies also benefit from this proposition, these days we get to hear about a lot of online jobs. Several companies hire freelancers, who if found suitable, are assigned with projects with deadlines and a fixed pay per project. This way the organization becomes an absolute gainer as with such an arrangement neither do they have to spend on the perks that the employees are ideally given nor do they have to be bound the legalities like provident fund and gratuity that employees on the company’s pay roll may be entitled to.
The only obstacle that companies may face with such a provision is the timely availability of the employees working from home. However, this issue can be resolved if there is due mutual understanding between the employee and the employer and both the parties understand their roles and responsibilities well.